Do I use Playa Powder instead of normal shampoo?

Shampooing in the shower is a different method entirely. When hair becomes saturated, it is like pushing the “reset” button. After shampooed hair dries, it is fluffy and lacks texture, this is especially true for curly hair. It is a good thing to reset your hair with a traditional shampoo, but not every day. You can use dry shampoo between normal washings. 

Can I put this in my colored hair? 

Yes. Playa powder will blend invisibly in to your hair no matter the color. 

Is it ok for chemically treated hair, no matter what treatment? 


What is that scent?

Essential Oils: Iris, violet, cardamom, papyrus, and ambrox combine for an appealing earthy clean scent.  

Allow some time for top notes of the scent to evaporate and become a neutral compliment to your body throughout the day. Playa Powder's scent will not overpower. 

Is this consistency right for my hair?

For some instances, it’s OK to be a little gritty. Playa Powder is light enough to be invisible, yet heavy enough to last all day, giving you a beachy clean look. 

Do you ship internationally?