Playa Powder Dry Shampoo

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Playa Powder Dry Shampoo


Product Information

Playa Powder is a 100% organic blend of high-potency botanical extracts formulated to:

Balance natural oils at your roots, texturize and thicken hair strands, and build subtle volume everywhere.

Hair is left lived-in, messy and refreshed—not chalky or weighed-down.

Shake it on strands that are too dirty, too clean, or too boring.

Free of: GMOs, parabens, sulfites, gluten, artificial colors or dyes, synthetic fragrances 100% post-consumer recycled glass bottle

Key Ingredients

Zea Mays: This carb isn’t one you need to “count. But you can count on it to rid your head of greasy residue without leaving roots stiff or powdery

Montmorillonite: Finely milled Italian green clay gives hair a lived-in look without dulling its sheen. Aloe Leaf Powder: An anti-inflammatory that moisturizes and gives freshness. (For when you know need some.)

Pro-Vitamin B5: Functions as a humectant to increase the water content of hair and improves its elasticity. Deeply penetrates the hair cortex with moisture to plump and smooth strands.

Arctic Rose Extract: Enhances the resistance and immunity of newly grown hair and protects against all manner of stress, both environmental and life-induced. Discovered in China and Tibet thousands of years ago as a “magical plant.” Its mystic properties are still in use today. 

Bamboo Extract: Reduces split ends and breakage.

Japanese Sea Kelp: A clean-water cultivated marine plant to tame frizz.

Essential Oils: Iris, violet, cardamom, papyrus, and ambrox combine for an appealing earthy clean scent

Intended Use

Use Playa powder in clean hair to add grit and give texture, perfect for achieving “second day” hair. Using playa powder allows you extra days between washes and blowouts.

Use in damp hair to braid, shape tousled waves, and mend hair together for playability and definition.

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